Screen Translate TH

Introduction and objective

        Nowadays, an image is an easy and convenient way to send 
        a data for Thai people, but the receiver can’t use that 
        image immediately, they can’t use that data in text and 
        have to typing it by their self. Another problem is if 
        you sent a Thai-character by image to Foreigners they 
        won’t know your meaning. Thus, this report aims to create 
        an application which has an ability to track Thai-language 
        and translate to other language

Project Scope
        - Only TH SarabunPSK font
        - Track one line at a time
        - Need big character to great accuracy tracking

Next Develop

        - Increase an accuracy of our application

Project Status

        Akethanut Atapong
        Pakawat Leelakahakit
        Sunpetch Jungvisitthon