Project Goal

The aim of this project is alternate the user experience in First-person shooting game by using computer vision.

This application is going to use webcam as an input to control mouse and keyboard for the game play.

Project Scope

To develop software for controlling mouse and keyboard input for games by using webcam and computer vision. The computer vision part consists of getting the video frames, and implementing human skin detection and interpeting where the hands are and how many fingers are there. The hand and finger detection are done by using morphology transformations, finding contours and convex hull. The application part consists of using winAPI and threading techniques. The winAPI is for simulating mouse and keyboard events. The threading is for implementing input queues for faster performace in real-time use.


Acqquire video

Human skin detection

Apply morphology transformation

De-noise + Blur

Find finger tips using findContour and convex hull

Count the finger tips and find the position of the hand

Simulate mouse and keyboard corresponding to the hand position and finger tips count


Keerati Tanakitjaroenpat

Napon Mekavuthikul

Yanisa Puangsawat


Thanarat Chalidabhongse